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What Customers Say

The following are just some examples of the feedback that we have received on our publications:

I have been teaching the eleven plus for many years and believe that the AFN publications are head and shoulders above the other products available.

We bought several sets of papers from different publishers and found yours to be the best.

I have just bought your technique and practice book .... this is a superb book.  It is easy to follow and even I can answer the questions using the methods that you describe.

I recently purchased a set of your eleven plus tests to help my daughter prepare for the Buckinghamshire examinations .... I have found them excellent and have been telling all the other parents about them. 

I have been using your practice tests for the past three years and would like to compliment you on the quality and relevance of the questions .... I have no hesitation in recommending them to all my students.

Thank you for producing excellent Non Verbal Reasoning Papers. My daughter found the questions not only relevant,  but also as challenging as the NFER Lilac Pack. Are there plans to produce any more? 

Thank you for such excellent verbal reasoning practice papers, which I used extensively in preparing for the Wirral 11+ exam in January.  ... Your practice papers included all the question types included in the familiarisation booklet, and no others, which made them much more useful than most other papers on the market. 

I have used your practice papers for the entire tuition year and am writing to advise you that my students' results have been excellent ... unlike many publications your test papers mirror the content of the real (Buckinghamshire) examinations ... 

More recently produced, these papers include all the question types found in the Buckinghamshire exams. 

We found that the AFN papers provided by far the most wide-ranging type of questions and most accurately reflected the level of difficulty of the actual exams.  I am sure my daughter would not have achieved her success without your help! 

I must tell you how absolutely invaluable my daughter and I found your verbal reasoning practice papers!  We have just received notification that she has been allocated a place at a much sought after local school after success in the 11 plus exam. 

I have recently bought your verbal reasoning 11+ Practice Papers to use with my daughter.  I have also recommended them to her friends' parents, as from extensive past experience of the exam, your questions appear very relevant and also follow the new format of the separate answer booklet.  Even the quantity is the same as the actual exam, unlike some others.

As an 11+ coach for many years, I am writing to thank you for publishing such relevant practice papers.  I have just started with the book of 5 papers and the multiple-choice pack, which is far superior to the NFER Cornflower Blue pack. 


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