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Eleven Plus Exams

This page provides information about the eleven plus exams.

What are Eleven Plus Exams?
The objective of eleven plus examinations is to establish which type of secondary school best meets the needs of an individual child.  Eleven plus exams are also known by other names such as secondary allocation or secondary selection procedures.

Essentially the eleven plus exams determine whether a child will be offered a place at a grammar school or other type of school, often known as comprehensive, wide ability or upper school.

Similar tests are also used by independent and private schools.

What types of Eleven Plus Exams are there?
The type of eleven plus exam that a child will sit varies from one education authority to another.  However they can include Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Maths Reasoning and English.

Verbal Reasoning eleven plus tests attempt to determine how quickly and accurately children can solve problems based upon words and sequences.

Non-Verbal Reasoning eleven plus tests are used to determine a child's ability to solve problems involving patterns, shapes and sequences.

Mathematical Reasoning tests evaluate a child's ability to solve mathematical problems.

English tests things such as comprehension and language skills.

Verbal Reasoning is the most common type of test but it is important that you find out the type of test used by your education authority.  Most education authorities have information packs available to parents that explain the type of testing that will be used and the procedures/timescales associated with this.  Private schools will also be able to provide you with information on the format of their selection tests.

What types of Eleven Plus Exams are there?
In traditional format eleven plus exams the answer to a question is written in the same booklet as the questions.  However, multiple-choice tests are becoming increasingly popular.  In multiple-choice tests children must select the answer from a list of alternatives and mark their answer in a separate answer booklet.  If your child is practicing for the eleven plus exams it is essential that they practice the correct type of test papers.

AFN Publishing produce both traditional and multiple-choice versions of practice tests.

If you are unsure about which AFN Publishing Practice Tests you need then please refer to the Which 11 Plus Tests do you Need? page of our website.

Where can I get more information about the Eleven Plus Exams?
For information and advice specific to the test that your child will sit you should contact your local education authority or school.


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